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The easiest way to forecast.

LineOfSight.IO - Sales Forecasting Tool with AI Technology

Kanban Board and dynamic chart with goals

CX LineOfSight.IO allows sales people to see their goals in combination with their opportunities in one screen. CX LineOfSight.IO lets the user easily move opportunities to different sales stages. The Chart will show the changes. User can double click in the opportunity to open it, or click on the icons to create a task, appointment or email, directly in this view.

Dynamic Chart

The content of the chart is defined by the opportunity view the user created or selected. 

The user can with simple clicks include or exclude opportunities on the chart by clicking on the top part. The user can even hide the goals if desired.

CX LineOfSight.IO is giving the sales person power of modify to their needs.

Hover over a column in the hcart gives the sum of the opportuntities for given month.


Goals Setting - Setup Simple or Dynamic Goals in your CRM
Dynamic Chart - Easily Understand the Data with Simple Clicks

Goals made Easy

Not every company has complex goals. We want to help to keep it easy in the system. You can either have a simple monthly goal for all together, or different goals per user per month.


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