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A proven methodology to get your Sales team using your CRM. A pre built sales solution that helps salespeople do their jobs – not do CRM. Salespeople need to prospect, prepare for meetings, conduct sales meetingsdrive customer experience and accurately predictable revenue. CX Sales Essentials has just the right amount of functionality to intelligently support sales functions in a contextual way.This solution enables increased CRM adoption more importantly drives sales outcomes. 


A solution designed by Sales People for Sales People. Increase your adoption, Increase your Revenue numbers!

CRM Sales Essential Tool - Increasing CRM Adoption Rate

Using AI to know your customer before they know themselves.

Our unique blend of AI, internal and external data sources, industry tracking and opportunity review allows for you to be the most informed person in the deal. PERIOD.

Collect Actionable Data

We continually use the data collected to better score and rate your pipeline, with line of sight and real metrics that look inside the data. A sales managers ‘know it all’. And a salespersons best friend.

AI Powered CRM Sales Tool - Understand your customers

The Only Sales Tool You’ll Ever Need

100% Guaranteed to deliver your desired outcome!.  We deliver.

Lead Management

We simplified the lead process for the sales user, so they can focus on selling and not data entry.

Actionable Intelligence

We are utilizing powerful AI to remind sales for the next steps and to automate tasks as email follow up etc. 

Case Management

Every customer has requests. Easily create cases from within an Outlook email. Not only does the case get created but the customer is automatically attached to the case.

Contact Management

Our system keeps track of your contacts and activities. Scan a business card from your smartphone and the contact is created.

AI and Analytics

CRM Sales Essentials CX utilizes powerful machine learning and AI to deliver easy to understand reports and dashboards.

Opportunity Management

We kept opportunities simple and focused on things which are most important to sales people.

The only app with a dynamic forecast module which gives an accurate line of sight’.

"It took just a few days and our CRM was up and running. IT is so simple, we did not need much training. Everybody told us it would take at least 3 months to set the CRM up. We increased our efficiency 3 months earlier thanks to congruentX, "

– Frank B.

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