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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1 Launches

As of April 6th 2021, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1 is now generally available. This means that the next six-month wave including hundreds of new capabilities, feature updates, and applications across Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform will now begin to roll out.

Below, we have answered some of the common questions we get asked regarding a new wave release:

Does this update apply to you?

The 2021 Wave 1 Release will affect Dynamics 365 and Power Platform customers. This update does not apply to on-premise customers.

How does Microsoft apply these updates? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 follows a continuous release cycle, which means that updates are automatically applied to Dynamics 365 Online environments. Throughout the year, there are ongoing minor updates for bug fixes and performance improvements that happen in the background, but the main focus is on the two major releases every year: Wave 1 in April and Wave 2 in October.

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer, what do I need to do anything?

If you are working with a congruentX as your Dynamics 365/Power Platform Partner, you will have been informed of the changes taking place and they will be managing this for you. However, if you are a customer managing your systems internally, there has been the early access option to validate the upcoming capabilities in a sandbox environment, before they get enabled automatically in production environments during April 2021.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

An intuitive mobile experience that offers quick and easy access to information, in real-time.

  • Collaboration with Microsoft Teams – Create activities or notes on a Dynamics 365 record from the context of a Microsoft Teams message, Access contextual list of Microsoft Teams channel and chats from within Dynamics 365, Engage in a Microsoft Teams chat from within Dynamics 365
  • Seller KPIs and manager dashboards
  • Sequence Automation and AI
  • New pipeline manager workspace
  • Improvements to forecasting and predictive scoring

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365-release-plan/2021wave1/sales/dynamics365-sales/planned-features

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

  • New set of built-in analytics dashboards and cross-journey insights to improve results and achieve business goals
  • Revamped email editor, bringing a completely new way of creating engaging and relevant content
  • More channels, power, and ease to reach your customers with the right messages – Deliver push notifications to any Android or iOS app, Create and send SMS messages to any mobile phone, Search and manage your digital assets with a new centralized asset library
  • Deeper personalization to engage your customers – Participant engagement-based communication for online events powered by Microsoft Teams, Use customer journeys to target leads in addition to contacts

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365-release-plan/2021wave1/marketing/dynamics365-marketing/planned-features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

  • Customer Service workspace – an omnichannel, multisession, multi-app experience that supports intelligent work classification and enhanced routing capabilities
  • Collaborate with organizational contacts within Dynamics 365 using Microsoft Teams
  • Improved embedded analytics for customer service managers
  • Enhanced Knowledge management
  • Improved user experience through email 

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365-release-plan/2021wave1/service/dynamics365-customer-service/planned-features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

  • Pause and resume survey
  • Survey reminders
  • Auto prefill answer
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing Customer Journey
  • Personalize survey
  • Over-survey management

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365-release-plan/2021wave1/customer-voice/dynamics365-customer-voice/planned-features

Power BI

  • Quick create
  • Sharing links for Power BI reports
  • Data lineage, impact, and API enhancements 

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/power-platform-release-plan/2021wave1/power-bi/planned-features 

Power Apps

  • Improved apps discovery and selection in Power Apps mobile
  • Model-driven app adds in-app notifications
  • Improved navigation in model-driven apps
  • Enabling remote work with deep integration to Microsoft Teams
  • Export documents to PDF from a canvas app
  • Duplicate detection Unified Interface experience

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/power-platform-release-plan/2021wave1/power-apps/planned-features

Power Apps Portals

  • Use Power Apps Portals Studio and Portal Management app to configure Power Apps portals.
  • Unlock advanced Portal customizations using professional developer capabilities and familiar toolsets

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/power-platform-release-plan/2021wave1/power-apps-portals/planned-features

Power Automate

  • Trigger flows when a Microsoft Dataverse action is called
  • Search records in Microsoft Dataverse using relevance search
  • Manage solution-based flows
  • Improved onboarding experiences for new users
  • Connect to desktop flows without the on-premises data gateway
  • Power Automate Desktop inclusion with Windows

Read more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/power-platform-release-plan/2021wave1/power-automate/planned-features

Additional Information from Microsoft  

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