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Chuck Ingram

Chuck Ingram

CEO, Founder

We help companies get tangible outcomes from their CRM investments so they can better serve their customers.
We do this by focusing on people not resources, clients not just projects, and outcomes not hours.
Its all delivered via a unique subscription model and via a new contextual, connected user experience we call CongruentCX.

Welcome to congruentX where we help companies to align their people and technologies using Data, AI, and a New Approach to consulting. While the rest of the site focuses on what we do I wanted to share why we do what we do.

​My partners and I started this firm because we saw an opportunity to serve clients that was literally hidden in plain sight.  We are Customer Relationship Management  folks.  We have all been in this space for about 20 years.   For me it has been working with Microsoft a number of years, then running consulting businesses with several partners – including some of the biggest in the industry.  

​It has become clear to us that as companies increasingly see customer experience as competitive advantage, they are buying more and more CRM software.   The CRM space has gotten a second wind and has become a 50 billion dollar industry – headed to 80 billion in 5 years.   When it goes well companies can often get up to eight dollars back for every dollar invested.   Unfortunately, more often that anyone lets on – it does not.  Most analysts say about 50% of clients are happy with CRM.

​We started to ask ourselves – outside of the software world – when is 50% ok?  Medical procedures, plane landings, the drive home from work…  50% is hardly ever ok. Why do we live with a flip of the coin in the CRM software space?

​The more we looked at it, the more we saw that while CRM technology has advanced, the way we implement the software has barely changed in 20 years.  In fact its arguably gotten worse.  CRM used to mean a strategy for building your  people processes and technology around your customer.  That has seemingly shifted to something more akin to “front Office technology”.  These new CRM technology projects are treated like – well projects – buyers try to implement as many features in as possible, sellers shorten timelines and users followed by the buyers, sellers and ultimately customers – suffer. 

​We decided we need to start a different kind of consulting firm to help companies to align their people and technologies using Data, AI, and a New Approach to consulting so that they can drive better customer experience and ultimate business outcomes.  Our clients get value from their CRM investments – often leveraging what they already own.   We do this by focusing on

  • Clients not Projects

  • People not Resources

  • Outcomes not Just Hours

Our team – has run the largest practices in the industry, worked with the most complex solutions, and includes Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), Cricket Players, Rock Stars, Veterans, Gear Heads, and Motocross Zealots.

​We work though a new consulting model built for client outcomes not just the consulting companies typical billable hours.

​We value putting people first, amplifying each of our strengths, innovating relentlessly and leading by serving.  We look forward to serving you.

​Here is to your success!

Chuck Ingram



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