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Did You Know?

82% of prospects think Sales Reps are underprepared for Meetings?

Use Credibly.Ai to instantly prepare for every call,

without looking in multiple places

At home – a salesperson can talk to “Alexa”, or type into Google, or use apps.

At work – getting ready for a new client meeting can mean looking up information in a mass of fields in CRM system,

doing web searches, and even sending out the famous “Have we ever___” email.

With Credibly.Ai we make it easy

Help is Here and it Works with Your Existing CRM

Credibly.AI is a revolutionary new Power App for your sales team that prepares them to win by sharing insights and demonstrating credibility.

Credibly.AI does all the work for you – with actionable AI. Background account information, who we know, who we don’t, similar clients, competitive insights and industry pains. 

All delivered with the experience of a simple web search.

Deliver Value and Stand Out on the First Call

“Tell me about your business” is no longer an acceptable sales question. Because the client has done significant research and even made much of their buying decision – Customer visits now must show industry insights and demonstrate credibility.

Credibly.Ai is an app built on Microsoft’s Power Platform and designed to help you get ready for meetings and close more deals.

Credibly.Ai gives you a score using integrated AI that provides an idea of how much crediblity you have with that company. Along with challenges that industry typically faces, you’ll find find a list oppurtunities with similar companies from your CRM.

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